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Versatile and brilliant

Råbe Tooling AB is an engineering workshop in Västerås.
We design and manufacture tools, fixtures and advanced
machine components. Our intuitive feeling for the right
level of quality and our ability to deliver on time are the prominent characteristics of Råbe Tooling. We like challenges because these help us grow, both as individual employees and as a company.
The origin of the company is a tool and production technology department within ABB, to which only the very best technicians were recruited. This has nurtured a creative corporate culture which we carefully preserve up to this day. In our company we cultivate a rich resource of knowledge
and a will to achieve excellent results!


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''Something that’s special with Råbe Tooling is the knowledge and skill exchange, it’s been really good. I’ve learned everything I know here and the work has gone well over my expectations. It is incredible how much knowledge there is between these four walls!''

Christine Andersson, Toolmaker